Success Stories

Success Stories


“I have worked with many counselors in the past, but I can honestly say that working with Abe Hardoon changed my life. Abe is a natural mentor. Not only is he empathic and intuitive, he also possesses a deep knowledge, and of the way relationships work. His experience and wisdom extend far beyond the scope of counseling, and there is no limit to his ability to help. I would highly recommended Abe to anyone who is ready to make a meaningful change in their life.”


“Once in a lifetime you meet a teacher that can penetrate right through your soul. Abe Hardoon is one of those teachers with tremendous knowledge and the ability to communicate this wisdom in a direct and easy to understand way. Abe’s mentoring had a dramatic effect on my life and my relationship with my wife, my children, friends and colleagues. I enjoyed the personal attention and one on one approach. Thank you!”


“Having Abe as my teacher was life altering. He was a major catalyst in awakening me to my potential, fully embracing my power and knowing with certainty my worth. His guidance changed my life forever, and taught me to never settle for less than what I want. Abe has deep wisdom. If you want to grow beyond your limitations he can definitely help you get you there.”


“I’ve been Abe’s student since 1993. I’ve had the privilege to study with Abe in Toronto and New York. He’s an exceedingly good example of what he teaches. He’s articulate, attentive and passionate. He’s also an exceptional person. He has mentored me through many of my most difficult personal life struggles. Somehow he picks up, (almost telepathically) whenever I’m going through something, and need support. I feel blessed to have Abe as my spiritual mentor..”


“I’ve been watching Abe’s videos for a few months now. I love his wisdom! I’ve been going through some personal struggles with my weight for a few years now since a breakup with my boyfriend of several years. I saw the website Kabbalah Life Trainng and I heard about his private counseling from a friend who recommended him highly. I decided to try a few sessions. I thought what do I have to lose?

In a few meetings he helped me completely change my perspective. This has totally affected my eating habits, including what I feel like eating. I’m already beginning to lose some weight but more importantly, I feel much better about myself and I’m more at peace. It’s pretty incredible! Thank you so much.”


Thank you so much. As usual I’m deeply grateful for you and all that you’re doing. I had “a moment” while watching this video. At one point you made me laugh, and it made me realize how brilliant and balanced you are. You are such a great student and teacher. You embody so many aspects of Light. You have intellect, you have passion, you have empathy, you are honest, you are humorous, you are brave, you are direct, and you have the ability to connect and make sense of everything in such a clear and understandable way. After you made me laugh, you made me cry, and as I’m writing this I’m crying again. The Light you emit is absolutely beautiful, it makes me feel such awe for the Light and our Creator. A thought came to my mind, that you are so central column, that was how I summed up what I was feeling. And it’s so wild because ten minutes after I thought that, you then explain how the Israelites were central column when walking through the right and left columns which were the two sides of the sea. So I just want to say thank you, and that you are so awesome. I love you very much. Keep shining. ❤️????”

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